Munir’s experience

United Nations  While at the Permanent Mission of Ireland to the UN, Munir worked on both the Human Rights and International Security Committees advising and representing the Irish government on at least 120 UN resolutions. UN committee negotiations ranged from country specific resolutions – including those related to Syria, Iran, North Korea and Myanmar – to issue-focused resolutions covering nuclear disarmament, economic sanctions and UN Security Council debates on the situation in the Middle East. Munir analysed regional events, providing policy reports, drafting advice and correspondence and establishing a rich network of contacts across UN agencies.

Private Sector Consulting – Munir previously worked for top tier private sector consulting firms in London and Brussels, contributing to advice given to Fortune 100 corporations on economic and geopolitical developments in the Middle East. Munir’s consulting work mainly focused on analysing the MENA region’s oil and gas energy sectors, as well as providing risk management consulting to mulitnational corporations with established operations in the Middle East.